Recipe: Tasty Brad's New Orleans fried tilapia

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Brad's New Orleans fried tilapia. Deliciously seasoned tilapia (white fish) dish. I threw this together, and the whole family including the kids devoured it and wanted more! Try this New Orleans fried catfish recipe for dinner Friday night or Fried Catfish Recipe.

Brad's New Orleans fried tilapia Soft, pillowy and light just like the ones eat at Cafe du Monde but taste even better! It was during my first Mardi Gras experience in New Orleans that I got to have my first heavenly bite of this magical light as a feather fried dough generously. The popular recipe, which stemmed from a cultural crossover between West African slaves and Scottish. You transact roasting braise Brad's New Orleans fried tilapia applying 10 ingredients along with 6 moreover. Here you are get someplace.

program of Brad's New Orleans fried tilapia

  1. Prepare 2 of tilapia loins. bout 1/2 lb a piece.
  2. You need 3/4 cup of Italian bread crumbs.
  3. It's 1/2 cup of corn meal.
  4. Prepare 1 tbs of original Mrs dash seasoning.
  5. Prepare 1 tbs of lemon pepper.
  6. It's 2 tbs of new Orleans Cajun spice.
  7. It's 1 of xl egg, beaten.
  8. You need of canola oil.
  9. You need 2 tbs of wild mushroom and sage infused olive oil.
  10. It's 2 tbs of harissa infused olive oil.

Fish tacos made with pan-fried tilapia and topped with pineapple salsa. Tilapia has gained much popularity over the years, but it's important to ask a grocery store representative where their tilapia comes from and how it's raised. New Orleans Pelicans scores, news, schedule, players, stats, rumors, depth charts and more on Hey Guys its Dennis and this is my first cooking video on my new channel!

Brad's New Orleans fried tilapia singly

  1. Mix bread crumbs, corn meal, and seasonings on a large plate.
  2. Cut loins into two pieces. Dredge in crumbs, then egg and back in the crumbs again..
  3. Let stand on a plate for five minutes.
  4. In a LG frying pan, heat the three oils on medium heat. When oil is hot, fry on both sides until golden brown 5-6 minutes a side..
  5. Drain for a few minutes on a paper towel. And serve. I drizzled lemon juice on it and served with tartar sauce..
  6. I served it with sweet potato fries, and zataran's Caribbean rice..

Here's a pan fried Tilapia dish! Don't forget to like, subscribe and share. One of the best reasons to visit New Orleans is Crawfish Ettouffee. Sandra's pan-fried tilapia is great for those who don't like a fishy taste. Add the tilapia and lightly coat each side.