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Tuwon shinkafa new recipie alert!!!. This video is a quick tutorial on how I prepare my RICE BALLS: OMO TUO: TUWO SHINKAFA RECIPE. Tuwo Shinkafa (Official Music Video) - Runtown ft. How To Prepare: Tuwo Shinkafa & Miyan Taushe.

Tuwon shinkafa new recipie alert!!! Keep mashing and stirring until you have a starchy rice pulp. Tuwo Shinkafa is not meant to be as smooth as semovita or poundo yam for example, so don't beat yourself up about. Flo Chinyere How to Cook Nigerian Fried Rice Recipe - Nigerian Rice - Best Nigerian rice - Jollof Stuffed Savory Nigerian Masa Recipe - (sinasir/Waina) Chef Lola's Kitchen How to make Ghanaian PEANUT BUTTER SOUP - Groundnut Soup - (Nkatenkwan) Rice balls.. You take care of business toasting heat Tuwon shinkafa new recipie alert!!! testing 3 program and 3 also. Here you go put it over.

process of Tuwon shinkafa new recipie alert!!!

  1. You need 1 cup of shinkafa.
  2. It's of Perboiled moringa leaves(30 pieces).
  3. Prepare 1 tbsp of groundnut oil.

Here is the official Release of Runtown's "Tuwo Shinkafa" Produced by Pheelz. one sound una know…open ur freakin ears.dis is an international Sound stulffs,arab marras. Nigerian Tuwo Shinkafa (Mashed Rice) Recipe. When it's really mushy use a thick wooden spatula to pound and mix the rice until it all sticks together. Serve Tuwo Shinkafa and Gbegiri with red stew and grill chicken. error: Alert: Content is protected !!

Tuwon shinkafa new recipie alert!!! receipt

  1. Soak you rice for about 20 mins with hot water.to make it softer..
  2. Pour water in your cooking pot,allow to boil.pour in your soaked rice after washing well and 1tbsp of groundnut oil..
  3. When rice is thoroughly cooked,pour in your perboiled moringa Leaves.mix using (muciya) until you have a soft paste of tuwo.you can serve this tuwo with miyan kubewa,wake,egusi,and so on.enjoy.

After a brief lull and sorting out his label issues Runtown Revisits his "Ghetto University" album as he serves up the visuals to "Tuwa Shinkafa" and he enlisted Barbapappa for the hausa-themed tune/visuals. Stream Runtown - Tuwo Shinkafa Ft. Barbapappa by RuntownOfficial from desktop or your mobile device. This is simply rice cooked down till it becomes soggy, and it is mashed to form a soft starchy doughy paste. Keep mashing and stirring until you have a starchy rice pulp.