How to Cook Perfect Sooji milky Halwa My new creation,

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Sooji milky Halwa My new creation,. Sooji Milk Halwa is a Pakistan And Indian Sweet, and listed in the Pakistani Sweet Dishes. Other Urdu cooking recipes and video cooking recipes are also available online. Special Cooking House is a cooking channel.

Sooji milky Halwa My new creation, You can top up other things like cashews, raisins, coconut, saffron to give sooji halwa even better taste (as well as fragrance). Learn how to prepare sooji halwa with milk. This cashew and raisin-rich recipe is a welcome treat for taste buds at any time. You get ready simmering sauté Sooji milky Halwa My new creation, adopting 11 program than 5 moreover. Here you are do.

process of Sooji milky Halwa My new creation,

  1. Prepare 1 of letter,, milk.
  2. Prepare 3 of cup,,,, sooji.
  3. You need 2 of cup,,,, sugar.
  4. You need 1 of cup,,,,ghe.
  5. Prepare Half of tsp,, Elaichi powder.
  6. It's 2 pinch of zafran.
  7. You need 7,8 of badam.
  8. You need 6,7 of pisty.
  9. It's Half of cup Pisa khopra.
  10. It's of Baqi Jo dry fruit dalna chahen.
  11. You need 1 of lemon ka juice.

Seero or Sooji Halwa is one of the most common sweet dishes found at prayer ceremonies or special occasions in the Indian household. This particular dessert is a favorite among little kids as well as adults; topping many people's list of go-to comfort foods. Please try this Unique pudding recipe Please like my videos and subscribe my channel village food series Thanks to all my youtube family. Today I'm going to make a very delicious recipe which is sooji ka doodh wala halwa recipe

Sooji milky Halwa My new creation, one at a time

  1. Milk ko boil kar ky lemon juice dalen slowly mix Karen paneer alag ho jaey to 15,20 mint pakny dein thora pani phenk dein or sugar mix kar ky pakny dein,.
  2. Sooji chan ky golden karen muslsal chalaty howe ghe dalen or golden bhoon lein.
  3. Milk mein zafran bhe dal dein or mix kar dein bhuni hoe sooji milaen or mix Karen jaldi jaldi,.
  4. 5,7 mint bhunae Karen ache tarhan or Pisa khopra dal ky mix Karen simtny lagy to tiry mein ghe Lagaky Halwa dal ky phailaen.
  5. Halwa set Karen mewa dal ky press kar dein or 5 mint baad pees kat lein mazydar halwa taeyar hai behad mufeed hai bachon ko bhe khilaen or baron ko soft juicy halwa banaen or khaen.

milky halwa by Asian all stars. I hope you will like this. note: I like to cook the halwa with the raisins but discard them (I don't particularly care for raisins). I also sauté the almonds in a bit of ghee, but that isn't necessary. Sooji Halwa is a super easy and delicious recipe liked by the children as well as adults. This Indian sweet delicacy is very popular and is prepared in almost every festival and occasion.