Recipe: Appetizing Koofteh Baghali | Persian Meatballs

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Koofteh Baghali | Persian Meatballs. Persian Meatballs (Koofteh) This old family recipe for Koofteh (or Persian Meatballs) is the epitome of comfort food done right. And by right, I mean that these Persian Meatballs are out of this world delicious and full of good for you ingredients! Today I'm sharing a delicious recipe for Persian Meatballs (Koofteh Rizeh, or Kufteh Rizeh in Farsi, and Riza Kufta in Azeri).

Koofteh Baghali | Persian Meatballs These Persian Meatballs are great hot or cold and don't need any jazzing up… unless you want to! They're great served with my Garlic & Artichoke Hummus , whipped coconut cream (I like to add chopped mint or cilantro), or drizzled with coconut yogurt dressing or pomegranate molasses. Some call them Koftah, others call them Keftah, but we, Persians, call them Koofteh! You fulfill frying brown Koofteh Baghali | Persian Meatballs using 31 method as a consequence 15 along with. Here you are do the trick.

method of Koofteh Baghali | Persian Meatballs

  1. Prepare of Meatballs:.
  2. It's 1/4 Cup of Yellow Split Peas,.
  3. It's 1/4 Cup of Basmati Rice,.
  4. You need 750 g of Ground Chicken,.
  5. You need 1/2 TSP of Turmeric Powder,.
  6. You need 1 of Yellow Onion Grated,.
  7. Prepare 2 TSP of Sea Salt,.
  8. It's 1 TSP of White Pepper,.
  9. You need 1/2 TSP of Dried Savory / Thyme,.
  10. You need 1 Handful of Coriander Finely Chopped,.
  11. Prepare 1 Handful of Parsley Finely Chopped,.
  12. Prepare 1 Handful of Scallions / Green Onion Finely Chopped,.
  13. You need 1 of Egg Lightly Beaten,.
  14. You need 6 of Dates Pitted,.
  15. You need 1 Handful of Mint Finely Chopped,.
  16. It's 6 of Dried Persian Plums Pitted,.
  17. Prepare of Stew:.
  18. It's 2 of Russet Potatoes Peeled Finely Diced,.
  19. You need 4 of Fresh Tomatoes Wedged,.
  20. It's 12 of Dried Persian Plums Pitted,.
  21. Prepare 5 TBSP of Olive Oil,.
  22. You need 1 Handful of Fresh Mint Julienned,.
  23. It's 1 of Yellow Onion Thinly Sliced,.
  24. It's of Vegetable Stock, 3 Cups or More.
  25. You need 4 TBSP of Tomatoes Puree,.
  26. It's 1/2 TSP of Turmeric Powder,.
  27. Prepare 1 TSP of Sea Salt,.
  28. You need 1/2 TSP of White Pepper,.
  29. It's 1/2 TSP of Dried Savory / Thyme,.
  30. Prepare 1 TSP of Dried Mint,.
  31. You need 6 of Hard Boiled Eggs,.

Today's recipe indeed is for Koofteh Berenji, which is meatballs with rice and split peas. These are seriously yummy and were enjoyed in our house for quite a. Koofteh Persian Meatballs In Dairy-free , Food Around The World , Gluten-free , Recipes These moist and flavorful Persian Meatballs come packed with chopped pistachios, cilantro, dried cherries and warm spices.

Koofteh Baghali | Persian Meatballs separately

  1. Wash and rinse yellow split peas. Transfer into rice cooker. Add water to about 1 inch over the peas. Cook the peas for about 15 mins.
  2. Wash and rinse basmati rice until water becomes clear. Add the rice into the rice cooker together with the peas. Lightly season with salt and pepper. Stir to combine well..
  3. Add some more water to about 1 inch over the mixture. Cook the rice and peas thru for about 15 mins or per rice cooker's manufacturer's instructions. Remove from cooker and set aside to cool. In a shallow bowl, add chicken, onion, turmeric, salt, pepper, savory, coriander, parsley, green onion and mint..
  4. You should have about 1/2 cup worth of chopped fresh herbs.* Mix to combine well. *Ensure that the rice mixture is the same ratio as the chicken mixture. If you have excess rice mixture, remove and set aside. If the rice mixture ratio is more than the chicken mixture, the meatballs will be very tough.*.
  5. Add the rice mixture into the chicken mixture. Add in egg. Mix to combine well. Cover with cling film and set aside in the fridge for 1 to 4 hrs..
  6. Remove from fridge and divide into 6 equal portions using a weighing scale. *It is best to grease your hands with some olive oil.* Form 1 portion into a ball. It should be the size of a baseball. Stuff the meatball with 1 date and 1 plum..
  7. Seal the stuffing probably and form into a ball again. Repeat the steps for the remaining meatballs. Lightly cover with cling film and set aside in the fridge until ready to use. In a sauce pot over medium heat, add oil..
  8. Once the oil is heated up, add in onion. Saute until caramelized, for about 15 mins. Deglaze the pot with vegetable stock. Add in tomato puree, turmeric, salt, pepper, savory and mint..
  9. Stir to combine well. Bring it up to a simmer. Add in meatballs. The amount of stock mixture should reach about 1/3 height of the meatballs..
  10. If the stock is too much, simmer further before adding the meatballs. If the stock is too little, add in more vegetable stock. Bring the stew up to a simmer again. Turn the heat down to low..
  11. Cover and cook for about 30 mins. *Do not open the cover. This is to prevent evaporation.* After 30 mins, add in potatoes, tomatoes and plums. Add in more vegetable stock until it is 3/4 height of the meatballs..
  12. Cover and cook for another 25 mins or until the potatoes are fork tender. Add in fresh mint. Taste and adjust for final seasoning with salt and pepper. Give it a final stir..
  13. Remove from heat. Transfer onto serving plate. Serve immediately with more fresh mint and a hard boiled egg..
  14. To make hard boiled eggs, in a sauce pot, add eggs. Fill the pot with water. Put in 1 finger on top of 1 egg, the water should fill up to your 1st knuckle. Bring the water up to a boil..
  15. Let the water boil for 1 min. Cover the pot for 15 mins. Spoon out the eggs into a bowl of cold water. Lightly crack the eggs and let it sit in the water so that the egg shells could be easily peeled off.*.

Every time that I cook this meal I get positive feedback from friends and family and the great thing about it is that it´s so easy to make, takes little time and the ingredients are so easy. Koofteh are Persian meatballs with many different variations, including lima beans or meatballs mixed with only rice, or in this case, a gorgeous mixture of rice, split peas and the most exciting part of the recipe, sabzi. Sabzi is a blend of dried herbs including leek, parsley, and tarragon, used by many Persian cooks. Koofteh (Persian Meatballs) by Samantha · Leave a Comment. I couldn't wait to finally share these Persian meatballs, courtesy of my bff who came to visit a few months ago.