Recipe: Appetizing Electric lemonade 2

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Electric lemonade 2.

Electric lemonade 2 You produce simmering fry Electric lemonade 2 testing 6 instructions so 2 including. Here is how you do.

procedure of Electric lemonade 2

  1. You need of Sprite.
  2. You need of Lemon juice.
  3. Prepare of Sugar syrup.
  4. It's of Straw.
  5. You need of Crushed ice.
  6. Prepare of Food colour(any colour of your choice I used green and blue).

Electric lemonade 2 gradually

  1. In a glass cups add in your lemon juice and sugar syrup.
  2. Add your sprite and gently add your crushed ice... Then lastly a drop of food colouring used a straw and gently stir it.... Enjoy.