How to Cook Delicious Nimbu Paani/Lemonade Popsicles

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Nimbu Paani/Lemonade Popsicles.

Nimbu Paani/Lemonade Popsicles You arrange browning imbue Nimbu Paani/Lemonade Popsicles testing 3 instructions along with 3 as well as. Here you are do the trick.

technique of Nimbu Paani/Lemonade Popsicles

  1. Prepare 10 of Lemons.
  2. It's 1 tsp of Black salt.
  3. You need 7-8 tbsp of Sugar.

Nimbu Paani/Lemonade Popsicles procedure

  1. Choose lemons of good quality that are ripe and juicy. Squeeze them to get the juice as desired. Keep aside..
  2. In a pitcher, add water and sugar along with normal Salt or Black salt. Add squeezed Lemon juice to it. Mix well and fill up the Popsicle moulds. Freeze until set and ENJOY!.
  3. My lovely idea for the Summers! Try these tangy and super cool Desi Popsicles in my way. You can add Mint leaves too for that refreshing flavour. Lemonade can be made with cold water if you want to enjoy it instantly but these Popsicles are frozen ones, so there is absolutely no need of that. Enjoy these simple yet beautiful looking milky white, almost transparent little goodies with your loved ones and friends alike. Happy Chilling Everyone!.