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Also shows up between Kanba and Shouma at times. A bit questionable. Yuki, trying to make Kyoko jealous, says that Kurosawa is looking all Lovey-Dovey after Jiro says something. Display Show Spoilers. Love Hina: Wild Adapter. Watson decides to seal Victor's Notes within himself in a move that could very well kill him, and yet only asks if he can see Friday again and hear his voice, taking hold of the other's hand.

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Only Shin has ever had to deal with his right hand asking if it could see his dick in a public bathroom.

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The official art is a good provider of Ho Yay. And let's not get into possible interpretations of the whole " unlocking the Four Seals " thing, the requirement for which is said to be the two Hachiyou's hearts becoming one It got very popular, of course, after A Choice With No Regrets came out, which is an official spin-off basically giving us Levi and Erwin's backstory starting with when they met each other. Ayumu and Hatori from Life have a very close, Les Yay -filled, friendship in the manga. Thanks to a lipstick that draws the lips of the people using it together, Ataru and Handsome Lech Mendou end up in a full-frontal smooch by mistake.

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minori hatsune sticky thick sex